Employees can learn more about Lean through training offered throughout the public service.

You know the way you’re doing something isn’t quite working, but you’re not sure how to fix it, and you just don’t have the time or the means to think it through.

To this end, you might find yourself…

  • Chasing information;
  • Jumping through multiple process and decision hoops;
  • Waiting a long time for approvals;
  • Becoming constantly interrupted;
  • Having to complete a batch of work before it’s acted on or moved forward;
  • Feeling your knowledge and work is not included in planning and decision-making;
  • Finding that work gets lost between organizational silos; or
  • Encountering multiple understandings about how work gets done.

Sounds like you could benefit from Lean!

Lean is a business technique used to improve the way we work. The Lean approach identifies and eliminates unnecessary steps, streamlines processes for employees and ultimately improves value for our clients and customers.

The Lean approach works because it invites collaboration between employees responsible for carrying out the work, customers, and other stakeholders along the way. All of these groups provide input to ensure a smooth process to deliver goods or services in an effective manner.

The Government of Saskatchewan has introduced Lean to continuously improve its service delivery to the public. Employees around the province are embracing the Lean way of thinking to improve systems and processes, and to streamline their work.

The goal of Lean is to identify and eliminate unnecessary and non-valued-added process steps and activities that have built up over time. Government of Saskatchewan employees have found Lean methods help them understand how their processes are working and how adjustments can be made to improve customer service, quality and efficiency.

These seemingly small steps can add up, and have a big impact on how business is done, and can dramatically improve service delivery.

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